Midot - Analyzing and Rating NPOs

Midot is a non-profit company that strives to promote effectiveness and impact as the main criterion for social investors and for NPO leaders by rating NPOs and producing sector analysis reports.
Midot's Vision
A society in which NPOs and their investors are as effective as possible in changing people’s lives for the better and solving social problems.
Midot’s activities are aimed at about 4,000 NPOs, whose aggregate turnover is around NIS 25 billion. The Israeli NPO sector (the “Third Sector”) is made up of around 30,000 NPOs, employs about 11% of the entire workforce, and has an aggregate turnover of around NIS 98 billion.* 1,600 new NPOs are registered every year. Competition for resources and a positive public reputation is becoming harder. Meanwhile, across the world there are growing trends for values such as transparency and accountability. Funders no longer make do with existing reporting standards and are insisting on hard evidence for success and results as a condition for their continued support. Midot was founded in 2008 in response to these trends.
* Midot’s activities are aimed at about 4,000 NPOs, whose aggregate turnover is around NIS 25 billion.
What does Midot do?
Rating NPOs (Midot's Seal of Effectiveness)
The purpose of Midot’s examinations is to evaluate NPOs’ effectiveness, that is, their ability to create social value and improve the lives of their beneficiaries. To do this, Midot uses a rating methodology that was developed after an in-depth examination of the different organization evaluation methods around the world, and following conversations with organizations, donors and experts in the Third Sector. During the rating process a range of organizational capacities are examined: the organization’s planning and performance abilities, how it measures its activities and sustains processes of learning and participation, its human capital, its financial management, and more. For a self-rating questionnaire and a list of organizations that have been rated by Midot, go to www.midot.org.il
The complete list of NPO measured by Midot
Sector analysis reports
Sector analysis reports map fields of social action in Israel in order to present social investors with various social issues and to put forward measurements and recommendations for an effective model of operation. The objective of these reports is to improve the field, such that all of the investors and actors will operate more effectively and a better solution will be found for the social issue. The reports are based on analyses of data collected from literature surveys, interviews and documents from various sources. Such reports are produced by similar organizations around the world, including New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) in Britain, Give Well in the US, and PHINEO in Germany.
What Midot examines – Midot’s Seal of Effectiveness
Midot's Measures for Long-Term Success
The Midot Covenant
About Midot
Midot was formally established as a Corporation for the public benefit (514108574) in 2008. It was set up by Meitav Investment House and the JDC, who signed up to the idea presented to them by Midot’s founder and first manager, Zvika Arran, Adv. Midot has a professional staff of eight and its annual budget is around NIS 2.5m.
Midot's CEO is Guy Beigel.
Midot's Board of Directors, Public Council and General Assembly 
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