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Midot is a non-profit organization that strives to promote effectiveness and impact as the main criterion for social investors and for NPO leaders by rating NPOs and producing sector analysis reports. 
Midot's Vision
A society in which NPOs and their investors are as effective as possible in changing people’s lives for the better and solving social problems.
Midot’s activities are aimed at about 5,000 NPOs, whose aggregate turnover is around NIS 25 billion. The Israeli NPO sector (the “Third Sector”) is made up of over 40,000 NPOs, employs about 11% of the entire workforce, and has an aggregate turnover of more than NIS 100 billion. Competition for resources and a positive public reputation is becoming harder. Meanwhile, across the world there are growing trends for values such as transparency and accountability. Funders no longer make do with existing reporting standards and are insisting on hard evidence for success and results as a condition for their continued support. Midot was founded in 2008 in response to these trends.
What does Midot do?
The Midot Seal of Effectiveness - Midot carries out an assessment to analyze the likelihood of an NPO to be effective, that is, to create social value and generate positive changes in the lives of its beneficiaries. The assessment process takes a number of weeks and follows a set evaluation methodology.
Sector Reports – Midot compiles reports that map different fields of operations in the third sector in Israel in order to introduce social investors to various social issues and to suggest measures for success and recommendations for examining an effective model for the field under assessment.
Services to NPOs and Social Investors – Midot provides a range of consulting services concerning social effectiveness designed to enable NPOs and donors to study the results of their social activity and improve its effectiveness.
Workshops for NPOs – As part of its efforts to improve the effectiveness of third sector, Midot runs an annual training program in collaboration with accounting firm BDO-Ziv Haft. The program includes monthly sessions and focuses on various issues concerning the effective management of social organizations.
Changing the public discourse – Midot seeks to influence the generally practiced public discourse and raise awareness of the issues of social impact and the effectiveness of donors and NPOs. To this end, Midot conducts an annual conference; seminars with various stakeholders; and publishes various content through on-line media channels.

NPO ratings (Midot's Seal of Effectiveness)

Midot’s assessment analyses that chances of NPOs to be effective, that is, to create social value and generate positive changes in the lives of its beneficiaries. 
The assessment process takes a number of weeks and follows a set evaluation methodology. In addition, Midot provides a free self-assessment tool, available as a download from its website, which enables NPOs to undertake a free self-assessment, for the purposes of learning and development. NPOs or social investors that are interested in a more in-depth analysis are invited to contact Midot and enquire about the “Comprehensive Analysis” – an analysis process that generally includes questionnaires, interviews, document analysis and more, at the end of which the NPO and/or investor is presented with a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of the NPO. 
The complete list of NPO measured by Midot

Services for Social Investors and NPOs

Midot provides a range of consulting services concerning social effectiveness designed to enable NPOs and donors to study the results of their social activity and improve its effectiveness.
Examples of consulting services to NPOs include: workshops in evaluative thinking/logic model/social measurement; Guidance in building annual work plans; Social measurement of the organization's activities; Development of simple and inexpensive measurement tools for social organizations.
Examples of consulting services for social investors: development of grant application forms and forms for reporting the social outcomes of grant money; Social measurement services concerning the activities supported and assistance with strategic planning. In addition, Midot has a unique product that examines the effectiveness of the social investor itself (and not of a specific NPO).

Sector Reports

One course of action taken by Midot, in order to promote effectiveness in the third sector, is the preparation and publication of reports on different social sectors. Such a report details the conduct of each stakeholder in the field - NPOs, donors and the Government - in coping with various social issues.
The report is based on the processing of information gleaned from the professional literature, interviews and documents from varying sources, and includes recommendations and conclusions for those active in the field, in order to improve the services provided to the target audience. The main target audience of the report are, principally, social investors - Government ministries and agencies, socially responsible corporations, philanthropic funds and private donors - as well as the organizations and people active in that particular field - volunteers, those employed in the field, NPOs and other stakeholders.
A survey of an entire field of operations, or of a sub-field that forms part of the third sector, will assist both the participants active in such field as well as social investors to see the wider picture and the contribution of the analyzed NPOs to social change in a comprehensive manner. The purpose of the report is to bring about an improvement in the field so that all of the stakeholders active therein behave in a more effective manner and that the solutions provided in respect of the given social issue are far better.
Latest Publications:
The Young and the Restless – Organizations Working with Young Adults in Israel – an Analysis of the Field
Hithadshut Yehudit in Israel - an analysis of the field
The Path to Leadership: An Analysis of the Future Leadership Development Field in Israel

Board of Directors

Board members: 
Oshik Feller (Chairman), former CEO and Vice President of Management, Israel Democracy Institute.
Avinoam Armoni, Managing Partner of "Avinoam Armoni Consulting Ltd”, the former director of the New Israel Fund, the founder of the “Yadid” organization.
Doron Cohen, the former head of the Government Companies Authority and the general manager of the Ministry of Finance.
Eitan Mizrahi, former CEO of the Matnasim company.
Gabi Rosenberg, owner of a management and business development company.
Hava Bar Shai, former board member of “Maccabi Health Services”, “Amdocs” and the “Flying Cargo” group, who also served as CEO of DomesticFedex Israel.
Merav Mendelbaum, a board member of the “National Council for Voluntarism in Israel”, a member of the philanthropic women organization 'Lion of Judah Israel” and of the philanthropic initiative "Committed to Give”.
Oren Drucker, strategic consultant and business entrepreneur, former partner in the consultancy firms Trigger, Trigger-Foresight and Deloitte.
Rachel Liel, former CEO of the New Israel Fund and former advisor in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and in the Prime Minister’s Office.
Tzipi Karpel, a founder of “Bituach Yashir", international business development expert.
Yossi Nitzani, former general manager of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the head of the Government Companies Authority.

Members of the Audit Committee: 
Tamir Salomon
lawyer Nir Bar-On
Members of the General Assembly:
Avinoam Armoni
Yehoshua Agassi
Yaakov Burak
Michal Hemo Lotem
Shlomo Simanovsky
Orni Petrushka
Mickey Keni
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